Friday, May 10, 2013

Backyard Garden...On a Raised Bed & Some Pots Too...

The raised bed garden with walls
So the wife and I have always wanted a little garden for us to get food off of but our failed attempt to get a good one going in NC had left a sour taste in our mouths...At the time, I had done everything right except choose an adequate spot in the yard that gets lots of sun...I had bought and installed a rain barrel, had some beautiful compost going, and installed an awesome raised bed...It just did not grow the yields we wanted because out backyard had very little sun and I chose an area that was just not adequate...My wife was
right on that one...

The raised garden complete with trellis
This time around, I told my wife, let's start small and simple. So last weekend, we went over to our local nursery and bought different varieties of tomatoes, a couple different eggplant varieties, some peppers, basil, beans, zucchini, and cucumber. I then went over to my local lumber yard and bought some 1 x 8 eight foot section along with some trellis to go with it. We have to do it high enough so that our dogs cannot get to it so we placed the 1 x 8 pieces on top of each other and screw them together to create a 16" high wall, with the trellis of the top of this for the protection. We will also put a few of the other vegetable plants in their own individual pots outside of the raised bed. This will allow us to grow a few more veggies in an easier manner without having to cultivate any more land, etc...Overall, I'm very satisfied with the finished product and extremely excited to see the progress!

The babies are in!
I also went and bought a small storage tote for creating a small compost bin. I got the idea at another blog about creating a cheap and efficient compost bin. I placed it in the corner of our stairs for easy access. I added a few holes to the top and bottom, which is key for drainage and breathability. I also strategically placed our garden bed in an area of the yard that will allow us to have easy access to it. The idea is also to install a rain barrel in the back corner of our house so that we can water our garden easily. That will be another project for another one of the coming weekends...

As you can see in our garden bed, they are a bunch of babies...but before you know it, we should have a full lush garden since most of the plants are supposed to be pretty good sized growing plants that require a certain amount of space around them for adequate sun & growth. I really love our how our house lines up with the sun. Our house faces 180 degrees South directly. What that means regarding to the sun is that we get great sun all day. So as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the whole time, our yard/house is beamed directly by the sun's energy. I love it and look forward to seeing the plants flourish because of this! Can't wait to see crops!

Compost started this week
Arugula starting to sprout. These will go in their own pot

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  1. I missed the opening of the Farmers market. Sue and I usually bike there every Sunday. Sue for the veggies and me for the donuts.