Monday, April 29, 2013

Beautiful Weekend on the Southcoast!

Biking along the bike path in New Bedford's South End
This past weekend was the kind of weekend that reminds me how much I enjoy living where I live. It was so nice to start seeing sailboats out in Buzzards Bay and in and around the New Bedford Harbor. I rode my bike with the New Bedford Bicycle Committee for their Saturday Morning Ride around the city. It was so nice weather wise that I was glad we have events like this to on a Saturday morning. We rode from downtown New Bedford down to the South End, to the Hurricane Barrier, then back to downtown for
some coffee at Green Bean.

My wife and I then met some friends out in Onset to look at a sailboat they were looking to buy...A bunch of salty men were out on their boats getting them ready for the new season...After this we went out to lunch at Eastwind Lobster for some fish n chips out on their deck.  I gotta say, the fish n chips really hit the spot...All I needed was a Bloody Mary or a nice cold Summer Shandy to top off my day...

Walking through Boston Common to get to my friend's place
I then took the train from Lakeville (which I hate going to but I have no other choice, I will explain why on another post) to go meet some friends in Boston for a birthday celebration. Took the train to South Station then to Park Street. It was so wonderful to see everyone outside at the park enjoying the weather on Boston Common...We then went out and did what younger 30 somethings do in a city...

Sunday, the wife and I got up early and rode our bikes on the Phoenix Bike Trail to West Island to be spectators at West Island's Second Annual 5k event. It was a pretty good turnout there as plenty of adults, kids, and elderly took on West Island. The back of the race had the walkers with dogs, kids, handicap, etc. So it's a really friendly race that I recommend to check out.

After this we just rode back home, took the dogs for a long walk to the hurricane barrier where plenty of people were out playing basketball, flying kits, walking, talking...When we got back, we got really hungry and went out to Dartmouth for some Indian buffet. After devouring 3 plates of great food, we made it back home to just relax and reflect on what a great weekend it was. This time, it really felt like the start of the Summer.


  1. When your ready to ride to the canal, let me know. Or if you want to do an easy ride on both sides of the canal crossing the bridges, let me know on that also.